What will you stop doing, when you use PollQ?

It's not just about what the product helps people to do, but what it helps them to avoid.

I read an article recently which urged entrepreneurs, evangelists, and startups to recast their value proposition in a different way. For most software startups, the value of the app, service, or platform is only as great as its ability to quickly change the users' behavior for the better. We're not selling physical products, nor are we selling a one-time service. As a SaaS product, we're selling a "way to do things differently." When pitching the value proposition, we naturally gravitate towards presenting all the things that the product or service will help the user do. What we might forget is what it helps the user NOT do anymore. Put another way, if someone uses your product, how will it shed light on the negative aspects of what they have been doing? If we're in the business of changing behavior, it helps to show what that previous behavior was which the user can now do without, for the better.

So in that vein, let's look at 3 things that PollQ will stop you from doing:

1. Going through a lengthy signup and setup process to get your polls delivered.

Our goal is to help you get quick feedback, even at the spur of the moment. So we did away with requiring an account setup and we allow you to create groups and questions all from your phone.

2. Spending time figuring out how to share the results of your polls.

At a tap of a button, you can share your results to all the followers in your group, so that they can see it on their own phones. You don't have to worry about integrations with other applications and whether they will work correctly. You also don't have to worry about whether everyone will remember the results; your audience can always refer to the results in their chat history.

3. Losing audience engagement because they don't want to download yet another app.

There's more evidence that smartphone users only use a handful of all the apps installed on their phones, regularly. With that, having to download yet another app, often for a specific event, is a recipe for losing audience engagement.

These are just three. The Chatbot, as a new outreach vehicle, is causing us to rethink customer service and audience engagement entirely. As the industry matures, we can expect more changes in our digital lives.